Global Remote Sales Professional

Help without the hassle.

         In today’s working climate, the process of recruiting a full-time salesperson is timely and challenging. A job needs to be posted, potential candidates need to be screened, interviewed, and processed all before the final employee is chosen. Said employee still needs training before they can be put into the marketplace to sell product. The average return on investment for this process of hiring a salesperson only arrives 9 to 18 months later. It’s clear that something needs to change for companies looking for an immediate solution.

         Revalant will customize a proposal for action, tailor made to the needs and budget of each customer. Each client is seeking something different in their search for a Global Remote Sales professional, and this individualized approach ensures that the service remains affordable whilst fulfilling the requests of individual clients. Because of the costs saved from the labor-intensive standard practice of hiring a sales professional, Revalant is able to offer clients a highly affordable and cost-effective alternative at a fraction of the usual price. 

Revalant assures that the program will

  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Create new interest and demand
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Collect new contacts
  • Increase margins through a higher value customer base. 

Sample proposal strategies include 

  • Targeting high value fortune 5000 companies 
  • Supply-chain Lead Generation
  • Targeted Prospecting within various markets. 

These examples are only drawn from one proposal, therefore our possibilities are endless. 


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