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Generational Sales Training


Imagine a proven and independent sales leader meets with your salesperson/people and actually listens to their key obstacles. One who will weed out the noise, does not accept their excuses and will truly find out why they are not achieving their goals or maximizing their potential. 

Our program will help your team to develop a method to meet more customers and identify the buying process, establish and maintain relationship alignment, build credibility, and engage in meaningful dialogue throughout the sales process.

No longer can a company rely on a standard cookie cutter approach to sales training. Generational Sales Training is designed to work with millennial's, while supporting generation X and Z.  

Our training approach is simple:

  • We are affordable
  • Specific to your company and industry
  • We listen to individual needs and key observations
  • We identify specific obstacles that prevent success
  • We ask questions of meaning for clarity
  • We design a simple plan to implement and measure success
  • Provide ongoing training as needed

At the core of our individualized approach, “we start and finish with a common goal, win more and win better”. Generational Sales Training will give your team the ability to prepare and connect with your target corporate business and buyer, ask the right questions, listen and understand business challenges and be the solution. Your salesperson will learn to create more effective sales emails, have more success calling leads, and connect with people making purchasing decisions to close more business. Your salesperson will win new clients, better clients and win more often.  

Leadership Therapy



Revalant Leadership Therapy offers one-on-one coaching, training and development for managers, directors, vice presidents, officers and owners. We have extensive experience in working with companies that range from a start-up to some of the most influential companies in our industry. Our affordable and custom approach works within your budget.

Revalant Leadership Therapy allows you to: 

  • Have a professional and confidential outlet to discuss company needs, issues, and      goals
  • Develop, prepare and deliver on your company strategic plan
  • Discover new methods to be more effective in achieving goals
  • Develop communication techniques with various generations
  • Create a road-map to success

Our Leadership Therapy provides powerful insight and new skills to attain success. Our goal is delivering on your vision; for your organization to add value and believe in your plan.

  • Ideal for various levels of leadership – From Manager to Officer
  • Seeking a highly interactive experience
  • Practice & apply using real-life situations
  • Conversations with design and value
  • Coaching support between sessions

This all starts with a conversation and we look forward to speaking with you. 

 Generational Sales Training

and  Leadership Therapy

 Drives Genuine Sales Performance Success 

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