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Revalant Recruiting & Consulting

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About Us

 Led by an award-winning executive team with over 30 years’ experience in hospitality and serviced apartments, Revalant provides an expertise in developing sales organizations selling into the Fortune 1000, Global 500, vertical market expansion, and strategic small-, mid-, and large-market accounts. Members of the Revalant team are experts in the area of millennial workforce integration, business development, lead generation and strategic sales management. With exceptional leadership and a unique perspective for developing and driving others to fulfilling their maximum potential. Revalant delivers results on both the strategic and tactical level by providing executive leadership and management, sustainable revenue growth and market expansion. Revalant aims to assist businesses that are looking to improve various aspects within their company. At Revalant, we tailor our approach to your company’s specific needs by isolating key areas for development and creating a strategic plan to address and improve upon your business. The creation of the strategic plan is just the first step in the process Revalant undertakes to carefully implement the strategy into the framework of the company in order to ensure that changes are made effectively and efficiently. These strategies are curated precisely for each company and are modified along the way to ensure that your goals are being satisfied.

Expertise: Hospitality, Corporate Housing, Event Planning, SaaS, Managed Assets, Government Contracts,  Organizational Development, Corporate Restructure, Leveraged Assets, Digital Branding, Memberships and Managing and motivating today's Millennial Workforce.

What are People Saying?

 "Revalant lead the transformation of Convene's sales organization from a small business operation to an enterprise platform. Over the course of less than a year he leveraged his unique skill set to organize, implement and build the foundation for a data-driven organization that allowed our business to execute strategies that would have been otherwise impossible"   - Chris K 

 "I have worked with Revalant Consulting and Recruiting at both a sales and operational level and as a result I consider them as extended partners of our business.  They have a natural ability to manage, lead, and coach.  They possesses great business savvy which coupled with their intelligence has been a great asset.  Theirmethods for training and client management is applicable at any company.  They are definitely a key element in moving any company forward."  -  Ken  F 

 " We were seeking a specific candidate  with unique skills and knowledge. When our other recuiters and HR team could not find us the ideal candidate, we turned to Revalant. They interviewed us, our team and gained information from our team that helped us redefine the position and job descriiption. Revalant provided us with fully vetted  candidates and we hired the right person who fit our culture and came in ready to contribute "  - C Z 

Proud Member of Corporate House Providers Association